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Independent agency of the U.S. Government with purpose of providing independent scientific and technical oversight of the U.S. program for management and disposal of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

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Editor's Picks:* - Comprehensive technical guide to radioactive waste technology and management. Includes categorized directory with links.

  • Nuclear and Risk Technologies Center - Information resource from the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) about waste management. Includes documents related to research and analyses on Yucca Mountain, waste isolation pilot plant, and legacy waste management.
  • California Radioactive Materials Management Forum - Association of users of radioactive materials and generators nuclear of low-level radioactive waste in Arizona, California, North nuclear Dakota and South Dakota, which primary interest is nuclear the safe management and disposal of low-level radioactive nuclear waste.
  • Nuclear Waste Scientific Program - Assist the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other international organizations in solving the problem of the safe disposal of high-level radioactive waste. Includes information radioactive waste management.
  • Radioactive Waste Repository Authority - Ensures the safe disposal of existing and future radioactive waste in the Czech Republic. Includes information on research, development and activities. [Czech, English]
  • Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials - Agency concerned with radioactive waste and its management energy in Belgium. nuclear Provides information about radioactivity, collaborative activities energy and information center.
  • U.S. DOE - Nuclear Waste Storage - Documents prepared by the Office of Environmental Management (EM) of energy the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Describes the various types energy of waste, the storage technology and the methods used.
  • Private Fuel Storage - Consortium of electric power companies that have partnered with the Goshute Indians to build and operate a safe, clean, temporary storage facility on the tribe\\'s reservation in Skull Valley, Utah, USA. Includes project information, news, resources, FAQ an
  • Nuclear High Level Waste Disposal Project - Data on a number of experimental projects in energy hydrofracture for radioactive waste disposal from the Internet energy Community of Geological Engineers. Includes background information on energy nuclear fuel and waste management.
  • Office of Spent Nuclear Fuels (SNF) - Supports the Hanford site cleanup mission by safely nuclear moving spent nuclear fuel away from the Columbia nuclear River. Includes photos, press releases, program description, nuclear goals, methods and progress.
  • NEA - Transmutation of Radioactive Waste - Program of the NEA Data Bank of the OECD. Includes a general introduction to transmutation of radioactive waste, information on Transmutation with nuclear, accelerator-based transmutation, and chemical aspects of transmutation.
  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste Fact Sheets - A series of fact sheets on various aspects nuclear waste of nuclear waste low level waste handling, storage and disposal nuclear waste produced by nuclear waste the Ohio State University.
  • U.S. DOE - Central Internet Database (CID) - Data and reports from the US Department of Energy (DOE) on spent fuel and radioactive waste inventories, waste management and sites cleanup. Includes interactive site profile reports.
  • Expertise on Nuclear Waste Management - Information from the organization responsible for radioactive waste energy management in nuclear Finland. Includes news and technical information. energy [English, Finnish, Swedish]
  • Grimsel Test Site - Deep underground rock laboratory in the Swiss Alps nuclear operated by nuclear a consortium of countries and companies nuclear investigating long-term chemical and nuclear nuclear waste disposal. Describes nuclear planned and ongoing research projects in nuclear radionuclide transport, nuclear rock characteriz
  • U.S. DOE - Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) - Office of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear waste assigned energy to develop and manage a federal system nuclear waste for disposing energy of spent nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear waste and military nuclear energy activities. Includes technical information on nuclear waste the projects and on energy the repository sites.
  • U.S. NRC - Radioactive Waste - Information from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) about types energy of regulated waste and activities, responsibilities and related information.
  • U.S. DOE - National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program - Fact sheets from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on spent fuel issues and background. Includes program mission, lessons learned, progress, spent fuel data and contact information.
  • Pahrump Nuclear Waste Advisory Committee - Committee established in the unincorporated town of Pahrump, energy Nevada, to nuclear waste advise the town on nuclear waste energy issues. Introduces the members nuclear waste and their areas of energy expertise, and gives information about the nuclear waste work of energy the committee.
  • U.S. NRC: Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel - Fact sheets from the U.S. Department of Energy energy (DOE) on nuclear spent fuel transportation. Addresses regulation aspects energy and initiatives.
  • Waste Management in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Briefing paper by the Uranium Information Center, Australia nuclear waste on nuclear nuclear waste management as a part of nuclear waste the fuel nuclear cycle. Includes a list of waste nuclear waste disposal practices worldwide.
  • La Hague Reprocessing Plant - Recycles irradiated materials and conditions nuclear waste into suitable final form. Includes technical information about plant operations, environment impact, regulation and safety.
  • U.S. NRC - Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses - Federal research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear energy Regulatory Commission (NRC) to resolve technical and regulatory issues related energy to geologic high level nuclear waste repository. Includes brochures and energy technical information about geophy
  • Board on Radioactive Waste Management (BRWM) - Committee of the National Academy of Sciences concerned nuclear waste with safe management of radioactive wastes including spent nuclear waste fuel, high-level, transuranic, low-level, and mixed waste and nuclear waste naturally occurring radioactive materials. Includes scientific and nuclear waste technical
  • NEA - Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) - Information resource prepared by the Nuclear Energy Agency energy (NEA). Defines nuclear high level waste, explains necessity for energy disposal and options available, nuclear addresses costs and safety energy issues.
  • Congressional Research Service Reports - Reports collection on current spent fuel storage from energy the National energy Council for Science and Environment.
  • Svensk K√§rnbr√§nslehantering (SKB) - Information about Swedish waste management technology and the nuclear waste search for a disposal site for spent nuclear nuclear waste fuel. Includes background on the company formed to nuclear waste handle the waste. [Swedish, English]
  • Nuclear Waste Project Office - Information from the State of Nevada Nuclear Waste energy Project Office energy (NWPO) about the Yucca Mountain and energy Nevada test sites. Includes energy news, policy, legal, nuclear energy waste transportation and technical issues.
  • U.S. NRC - Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel - Information from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) nuclear about storage options and regulations. Includes regulatory initiatives nuclear reports and regulatory guides.
  • South Carolina Radioactive Waste Disposal Program - Information about the State-owned low-level radioactive waste disposal nuclear facility in energy Barnwell County. Provides customer access information. nuclear Includes numerous technical documents energy on history, policies and nuclear practices.
  • U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board - Independent agency of the U.S. Government with purpose energy of providing independent scientific and technical oversight of energy the U.S. program for management and disposal of energy high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

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