Nuclear Energy Technology

Assist public understanding of uranium mining and nuclear electricity generation. Includes information on mining and nuclear electricity generation, mining and export in Australia.

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  • International Atomic Energy Agency - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) serves as the world\\'s energy central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the energy nuclear field, and as the international inspectorate.
  • One Nuclear Place (1NP) - Comprehensive guide to nuclear energy. Includes news from the Associated nuclear Press (AP) and general information on nuclear issues.
  • The Virtual Nuclear Tourist - Information about the nuclear industry around the world. Provides a huge photo resource and good introduction for all age levels to learn about all aspects of nuclear technology.
  • Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Unofficial and privately-maintained list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding nuclear CANDU reactors and nuclear power generation in Canada. Includes technical nuclear and waste management information, costs and benefits study, safety and nuclear non-proliferation issu
  • IAEA: High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors (HTGR) - Abstracts and full text of relevant technical documents on gas-cooled technology nuclear reactor technology. Includes safety aspects and technology applications.
  • U.S. NRC: Students' Corner - Nuclear energy tutorial from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Includes nuclear background, reactor design, radiation, emergency planning, decommissioning and related issues.
  • FEPC: Japan's Nuclear Power Program - Detailed review of the nuclear energy industry in Japan by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC). Describes fuel cycle, energy strategy and future plans for the sector.
  • Nuclear Energy Tomorrow (NET) - Focuses on understanding nuclear energy, interactive learning about nuclear nuclear energy. nuclear Includes nuclear technical information, history, applications nuclear and activities.
  • Nuclear Engineering International - Independent provider of news and articles for the energy nuclear power technology industry. Includes newsletter service, international event energy program, publications and contact technology information.
  • Nuclear.Ru - Provides information about the nuclear industry in Russia. Covers aspects such as history, structure, prospects and future developments.
  • Nuclear Energy - Comprehensive information resource and links on nuclear energy, nuclear fuel fabrication, energy reactor theory and implications.
  • World Nuclear News (WNN) - News and information service supported by the World technology Nuclear Association technology and the World Nuclear University.
  • Uranium Information Centre (UIC) - Assist public understanding of uranium mining and nuclear electricity generation. technology Includes information on mining and nuclear electricity generation, mining and technology export in Australia.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Nuclear Energy - Discussion and FAQ from the Formal Reasoning Group energy (FRG) about energy nuclear energy sustainability.
  • IAEA: International Nuclear Information System (INIS) - Information system on the peaceful use of nuclear technology science and nuclear technology. Provides a bibliographic database with technology abstracts and a collection nuclear of full texts.
  • IAEA: Fast Reactor and Accelerator Driven Systems Knowledge Base - Project on technology advances in fast reactors and energy accelerator driven nuclear systems for actinide and long-lived fission energy product transmutation. Includes technical nuclear documents, working materials, technical energy databases, meetings and collaborative research information
  • Nuclear Times - Articles, news, and reports about innovative nuclear reactors.
  • Todd's Atomic Homepage - Collection of articles and links on nuclear engineering, technology nuclear power, nuclear radioactive waste management and related topics.
  • German Atomic Forum - Private non-profit association of companies, institutions and private nuclear individuals supporting the peaceful utilisation of nuclear power. nuclear Includes news, publications and information on Germany\'s nuclear nuclear industry and technology. [German, English]
  • Nuclear Energy Student Programs at Argonne National Laboratory - Information and internship opportunities in nuclear energy research nuclear and development. energy Includes useful links, downloadable documents, multimedia.

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