Web Site Design Process

Listed below are the phases of the development process, explained step by step.

  1. Initial Consultation
    The first step is to contact Internet Advertising Solutions. You can send an email describing your project, and a developer will contact you. The initial consultation is free of charge, and typically takes 30 to 60 minutes. The consultation will allow you to judge the capabilities and experience of our company for yourself, and for the developer to get a feel for the content and scope of your project.

  2. Project Proposal
    After the initial consultation a Project Proposal can be put together for you. The Project Proposal generally takes a few days to a week to complete, although sometimes longer for more complex projects. It will contain the final project specifications and features, development cost and estimated completion date.

  3. Proposal Acceptance
    After you have had a chance to review the Project Proposal and any necessary adjustments are made, you will have the opportunity to accept the plan and submit your content material and deposit.

  4. Work Begins!
    Once the content material and deposit have been received work commences. You will be kept informed of progress at all times, so that you may provide feedback at the various stages of site development. The new site will be placed in a private server area so that you can access the site and monitor the development process.

  5. Beta Testing
    While testing is performed during all stages of development, as the project nears completion the site undergoes beta testing by both you and the designers. Database functionality, order processing, site navigation, etc. will be tested to ensure they meet the project specs and for the highest quality final release.

  6. Project Completion
    Once beta testing is completed and you're satisfied the project requirements have been met (or exceeded!) the project is considered completed and final payment becomes due. After which your web site is made "live" and submitted to the major Internet search engines.

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