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Global content published as news, reports, features and articles on networking, software, programming, security, communications, gaming and allied areas of information technology.

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  • Research Councils UK - A strategic partnership of seven UK Research Councils championing science, resources engineering and technology to create a common framework for academic resources research, training and knowledge transfer; incorporating pages from cross-council activities.
  • Librarians' Index - A searchable directory of links to a great many definitive resources sites on multi-disciplinary subjects; selectively annotated by librarians and sponsored resources by the Library of California.
  • International Center for Advanced Internet Research - Leading-edge Internet technology research; innovation; pre-production deployment, including research advanced optical networking; digital media; and software development.
  • Net Snippets - Personal and collaborative Internet information management software for resources students and research researchers.
  • Qualitative Report - Nova Southeastern University\\'s journal for collaborative qualitative research, inquiry, methods and practices, with links to multi-disciplinary papers, journals and Webrings.
  • IDG - Global content published as news, reports, features and research articles on networking, software, programming, security, communications, gaming research and allied areas of information technology.
  • Line56 Research - White papers, market research reports from leading IT vendors and resources analyst firms; custom publications on e-business and enterprise technology.
  • Commercial ECNext - A search-and-order e-mall of published commercial intelligence as internet books and internet reports from business and industry, including internet market research information.
  • Gartner - Broad research and consulting services to business and industry on information technology and its applications in the consumer sector.
  • Journal of Medical Internet Research - Peer-reviewed e-health-journal on research, information, and communication in health care.
  • IREX - Educational support and training programs from the International Research and Exchanges Board for specialized research in the social sciences and humanities.
  • E-Research - Methods and strategies in online and offline academic research using research the Internet\'s qualitative and quantitative data for analysis.
  • IBM Research - Projects and processes knowledge base from IBM\'s research resources labs worldwide.
  • National Center for Research Resources - An information portal of NCRR, a component of resources the National Institutes of Health, supporting primary research resources to create and develop critical resources, models, and resources technologies in biomedicine.
  • HighBeam - Library, Web, and reference sources of research material research of a internet broad nature.
  • Econsultancy - Reports, training and events on best practice digital internet marketing, and internet e-commerce. Includes research, blogs, forums, a internet member and supplier directory, internet and a digital marketing internet job listings section.
  • Inter-Research - Sustaining ecological and biological research through publications and funds.
  • Ferris - Research on e-mail, messaging and collaborative technologies, incorporating Analyzer Information Service.
  • Info-Tech Research - Core research by specific advisors, reports, and analyses for IT internet professionals.
  • Writers Write - Research advice, tips and resources meaningful to writers.
  • Cultivate Interactive - A digitized repository of the artistic, cultural and research historical heritage research of Europe: a magazine archive under research the European Commission\'s DigiCult research programme.
  • Action Research - Southern Cross University\'s guide to action research theory and sites.
  • Intel Research - Intel Corporation\'s research programs in computing, microprocessors, networking, resources communications, etc.
  • IPWatch - New Zealand\\'s Internet Research Library documentation database of resources IT patents categorized by journals and technologies.
  • Library of Congress - A U.S. federal resource of the Congress providing research material resources and updated database on virtually every topic from within the resources Library\'s universal collection of books, recordings, photographs, maps, and manuscripts.
  • Tell Me Now - Business information and research, broadly specific to Australia.
  • Research at Carolina - Research resources at the University of North Carolina internet at Chapel internet Hill.
  • Craig McKie - Research resources in the social sciences by subject.
  • Online College Blog: 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web - By Alisa Miller. Has tips, strategies, helpful articles research and resources for deep searching. Also features a research list of meta-search engines, semantic search tools research and databases, general, academic, scientific, custom, and collaborative research search engines and datab
  • Forrester - Futuristic advice on technology research to businesses and professionals worldwide.
  • Association for Computing Machinery - Society advancing leading-edge computing knowledge as a science and a profession through publications, conferences, and career resources.
  • ITools - Utilities and database links for conducting researches and resources custom searches by special parameters.
  • Jupiter Research - Business- and technology-based research, analysis, and advice to help companies resources profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer resources technologies.
  • Science Research - Deep Web Technologies\\' portal allowing access to numerous scientific journals research and public science databases.
  • IDC Research - Global market intelligence and advisory subsidiary of IDG in the information technology and telecommunications industries, analysing and predicting technology trends through research documentation, consultancy, conferences, etc.
  • Community of Science - Global community of scientists, researchers, universities, institutions, agencies internet and corporations internet providing opportunities and funds for research internet and development.
  • Health Systems Research - Public-policy research and consulting firm providing policy, programmatic, resources and technical support to clients at the national, resources state, and local levels.
  • Forbes Library - Up-to-date information technology research papers, case studies, analyses, internet and product resources news for business executives.
  • Microsoft Research - Computer technology research at Microsoft Corporation.

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