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A programmable, user-friendly, 3D real-time engine which allows you to build interactive 3D worlds by simply placing animated and intelligent 3D objects into a virtual scenery.

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3D Engines Database* - Provides a list of 3D engines and their features, along with reviews, ratings, and screenshots of each engine.

  • Aztica 6DX 3D Engine - A DirectX 3D engine for Windows that can be used 3d with C++, Java, Delphi and Visual Basic.
  • Antiryad Gx - Cross platform 3d engine with embeded Basic language (Gel Basic) 3d compiler. [Freeware]
  • 3d engines programming in Java and MS-DOS - Information on programming various types of 3D engines games (raycasting, indoor, programming landscape) in Java and MS-DOS. Source games code available.
  • QuakeForge - A 3D graphics game engine based on id 3d Software\'s legendary programming Quake and QuakeWorld game engine.
  • Java Monkey Engine - A 3D game engine written in and for programming Java. Many 3d features including collisions, particle systems, shaders, programming terrain system, renderer abstraction.
  • Excession Software.com - OpenGL based 3D wargame construction kit
  • Diesel Engine - An OpenGL Quake3 Arena Map Viewer, written in programming c++. It games supports a variety of features including programming volumetric fog, portals/mirrors, items, games basic entities, skyboxes/cloudlayers, videotextures programming and multitexturing for up to 6 games texture units. programming [Open source, GPL]
  • Truevision3D - A 3D Engine, Media Engine and Net Engine programming for 3D game and application development using any programming major programming language.
  • Chris Hecker/Texture Mapping - Perspective Texture Mapping by Chris Hecker
  • Revolution3D-Engine - 3D game engine. It uses DX9, and has 3D, 3d 2D, Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard support.
  • Golgotha Forever - the game, and I4, the game SDK.
  • Touchdown Entertainment - Tool set for developing 3D applications for the games PC, Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox.
  • Amp II - A 3D Game Design System that provides fast scene rendering 3d with per pixel lighting, bump mapping, specular highlighting and stencil 3d shadowing used to create stunning real time graphics.
  • 3D GameStudio - Create 2D and 3D games using a visual interface and a JavaScript style programming language. Latest versions includes support for pixel and vertex shaders, physics and high-quality rendering.
  • NeoEngine - A 3D game engine (C++). [Open source, MPL]
  • Developing UTF & DGL Technology Presentation - Project description and goals, the objective is to build a game engine, that makes easy to program any kind of 3D game, on Visual C++ and OpenGL.
  • Opale.Soya - High-level, object-oriented 3D engine designed for 3D games games in Java. Uses GL4Java to access native OpenGL. games [Open Source, LGPL]
  • 3D Graphics Pattern Recognition - Programming projects in OpenGL and Java3D that demonstrate artificial intelligence programming and pattern recognition useful in 3D games programming.
  • Sylphis 3D - A 3d game engine, that supports per pixel lighting and shadows along with realistic physics.
  • Havok - Software development kit for PC, PS2, and Mac.
  • sbdev - A series of tutorials on raycasting and 3D 3d Programming without games a 3D API.
  • Phil Frisbie's Programming Page - My personal 3D game programming pages. You will programming find several past and present projects, most with programming full source code.
  • Superfluxus Media - A 3D audio tool, used to arrange sound spatially allowing new ways of audio programming. It is mainly based on Direct3d Sound and the EAX technology of Creative. Extra feature: space morphing.
  • Obsidian - An open source 3D virtual world for Linux and OpenGL.
  • 3DzzD - A Web 3D engine using Java 1.1 technologie.
  • World Foundry - A 3D level game engine. Originally a commercial programming product, now released under the GPL. Designed from programming the beginning to be cross-platform, runs on windows, programming working on linux port.
  • G3D - A C++ 3D graphics library for game developers, games researchers, and 3d students. [Open source, BSD License]
  • Ray Game Designer - Freeware 3D construction kit for Windows based on 3d a RayCaster.
  • Programming Multimedia and 3D in Realtime - SouthGreece - the OpenGL Trender implementation; Trender SDL 3d - a games software-only realtime renderer of 3D Studio 3d files; Earth - a games Linux renderer that uses 3d Voodoo cards to show a simple games model of 3d the earth and the sun; 3DEnvMap - games 3d a Real-time 3D Renderer with
  • Subshock HQ - The headquarters of the Subshock 3D Games programming programming group.
  • 3D Rad - A programmable, user-friendly, 3D real-time engine which allows games you to build interactive 3D worlds by simply games placing animated and intelligent 3D objects into a games virtual scenery.
  • Power Render 3D Engine - Powerful 3D engine that combines indoor BSP and outdoor terrain levels. Includes Windows based tools and editors using DirectX 8\'s latest features. [Commercial, with demo]
  • Desgraff - Tutorials on OpenGL and 3D Studio Max, links programming to games programming resources, home site of the programming Decoy3d Engine.
  • 3D Graphics Math - A mathematical overview of computer graphics starting with programming model space games and advancing down the graphics pipeline programming through world space, all games the way to device programming space.
  • Simpren - 3D renderer DLL based on the Direct3D. [Only for testing]

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