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  • Bonzai Software - 3D game engine based on the OpenGL API written in C++. Also real-time computer graphics examples using the OpenGL API.
  • Crystal Space - Free (LGPL) and portable 3D Game Development Kit 3d engines written 3d engines in C++, OpenGL and software renderer.
  • ExoEngine - C# OpenGL and Cg 3D Game Engine for opengl .NET
  • APOCALYX Engine - OpenGL 3D engine with GPL license, 3D, Physics 3d engines and libraries AI.
  • GLScene - Delphi OpenGL engine including visual components and objects libraries for rendering 3D scenes.
  • Universe Generator System - Full featured, object oriented and multiplatform 3D engine.
  • OGRE - C++ Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine.
  • The Nebula Device 2 - Realtime 3D game/visualization engine, written in C++, scriptable through Tcl/Tk, Python and Lua. Supports D3D and OpenGL for rendering, runs under Linux and Windows. Includes news, documentation and downloads.
  • EGLE - The Enhanced OpenGL Engine (EGLE) is a freeware opengl and open 3d engines source engine based on OpenGL that opengl uses Quake .map and 3d engines .lmp files.
  • 3D Engines Database - Overview of 3D engines for games, business applications opengl and virtual libraries reality with various platforms, APIs and opengl programming languages.

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