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Editor's Picks:

OpenSG* - Open source portable scenegraph system to create realtime graphics programs. Runs on IRIX, Windows and Linux and based on OpenGL.

  • OpenRM - An OpenGL scene graph API used for developing scene graphs high 3d engines performance and portable 3D/2D/stereo graphics and visualization scene graphs applications. [Open 3d engines source, MPL]
  • Espresso3D - Real-time 3D engine for the Java programming language. E3D uses OpenGL for its graphics rendering and OpenAL for audio.
  • SGL - C++ cross platform 3D scene graph library on opengl top of 3d engines OpenGL
  • GizmoSDK - Saab Training Systems AB commercial scene graph.
  • OSG OpenSceneGraph - OpenGL portable, 3D high performance graphics toolkit for applications such scene graphs as flight simulators, games, virtual reality or scientific visualization. C++ scene graphs object oriented framework on top of OpenGL running on Windows, scene graphs OSX, Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD
  • RM Scene Graph - Cross-platform, OpenGL scene graph API for creating graphics 3d engines and scene graphs visualization applications.

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