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Open Inventor is many things: 5) Successor to IRIS Inventor and predecessor to VRML.

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See Also:
  • Apprentice - A free Open Inventor clone.
  • Win32 port of Open Inventor - A Win32 port of SGI\\'s Open Inventor by add-on libraries Gerd opengl Hesina.
  • Systems in Motion: Coin - Coin is an OpenGL based, retained mode 3D graphics rendering open inventor library. It is implemented in C++ and publicly released with open inventor the source code open for your perusal. The application open inventor programmer\\'s interface (API) is based on (and will eventually be open inventor fully compat
  • Open Inventor at MeVisLab - Freely downloadable installers of our SGI Open Inventor Windows port opengl with complete source code + patches as well es example opengl models and HTML documentation of the classes.
  • TGS - Providers of Open Inventor.

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