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An Open Source project in which the user takes the form of Tux (the Linux Mascot) and races downhill through alpine trails.

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Editor's Picks:

FlightGear Flight Simulator* - Open source flight simulator under GPL licence for Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X, FreeBSD, SUN/Solaris, and SGI/IRIX platforms.
Space Invaders OpenGL* - OpenGL game with source code available. For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/X

  • BZFlag - Free multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game. Irix, opengl Linux, BSD, games Windows, Mac OS X and SGI opengl platfor
  • PrBoom - A Doom engine that closely emulates the original game.
  • Possible Worlds - subwar / wing Commander - style openGL accelerated open source software games 3D game that runs both under Linux and open source software games Win 9x / NT / 2k.
  • OpenGL Games - An index of commercial, free, open source, and opengl freeware OpenGL based games.
  • Kokak's Doom Page - DoomGL (OpenGL compatible port of Doom) and ZDoomGL (OpenGL port games of ZDoom, an advanced Doom sourceport)
  • Doomsday - Win32/Linux source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen games with OpenGL opengl and Direct3D support for graphics, and games DirectX/A3D for 3D sound opengl effects.
  • Tux Racer - An Open Source project in which the user games takes the games form of Tux (the Linux Mascot) games and races downhill through games alpine trails.
  • Critical Mass - SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game
  • Vega Strike - Describes space simulation in which players trade and bounty hunt. Includes features, forum, manual, and downloads of beta versions
  • 3D Mines - SGI MineSweeper game in OpenGL
  • FooBillard - Free OpenGL billiard game for linux. Includes open source software games description, FAQ and downloads
  • Marathon - Microsoft\\'s own Open Source Initiative, using the GPL\\'ed games Marathon 2 open source software source code, called Aleph One.
  • Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest for Herring. - A free and open source 3D game, that open source software uses OpenGL, which is staring the famous penguin open source software Tux from Linux. (GNU GPL)
  • Ani(mated)-Chess - an OpenGL front end for a CHESSTOOL such as gnuchess.
  • Boson - A real-time Linux strategy game for two players games for KDE games (Open Source, GNU GPL)
  • Danger from the Deep - Danger from the deep (aka dangerdeep) is a Free / opengl Open Source World War II German submarine simulation. [Linux / opengl Windows] (C++)
  • Glest - Free 3d real time strategy project
  • S3D Connector - Online game finder and ELO ladder ranking for Sea3D Windows open source software based 3-dimensional Settlers software.
  • Cannon Smash - A free and open source 3D ping-pong game based on games OpenGL. (GNU GPL)
  • glChess - A 3D chess interface - An open source 3D chess interface. It uses opengl OpenGL and GtkGLArea (from GTK+) for UNIX platform.
  • The Ur-Quan Masters - Multi-platform port based on the now public-domain source-code of Star Control II.
  • BillardGL - Free OpenGL billiard game for Windows and Linux games with sources under GPL licence
  • CarWorld driving simulator - Small driving simulator/demo with open source code
  • The Blue Mango Quest - 3D arcade game written in C/C++ and using openGL. The opengl goal is to extend the pacman-style gameplay. This game runs opengl both on Linux and win32 platforms and is released under opengl the GPL License.
  • Doom Legacy - Port of ID Software\'s classic Doom game with OpenGL

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