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An object persistence layer written in Java which uses a relational database to provide persistent storage, whilst shielding programmers from the details of relational database access. [Open Source, GPL]

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  • CocoBase Enterprise O/R - Object/Relational mapping tool, with customized mappings for each major EJB java server (including JBoss). [Commercial]
  • J-Database Exchange (JDX) - A cross-platform solution for transactional persistence of Java java objects . By Software Tree, Inc. [Commercial]
  • CarrierWave - Provides the following features: build generated client side data objects databases and persistence structurally mirroring server side business objects; pluggable persistence; pluggable binding databases and persistence between client and server; pluggable query mechanism; zero-configuration externalizatio
  • Ammentos - A lightweight persistence framework for Java (JDK5 or java later). [Open source, GPL]
  • Apache ObJectRelationalBridge - OJB - A framework that provides transparent persistence of Java java objects for JDBC-compliant RDBMS. Implements ODMG 3.0, JDO java and uses XML-based O/R Mapping. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • DB Objects for Java - Lightweight and flexible solution for storing and retrieving java java objects object persistence into and from relational databases, without java using SQL. [Open source, object persistence LGPL]
  • Inductor - A fully type-save, declarative ORQL for Hibernate, JDO, and EJB.
  • Cayenne - An Object-Relational mapping framework working with relational databases. databases and persistence object persistence [Open Source]
  • SimpleORM - Implement, low overhead object/relational mapping on top of object persistence Java databases and persistence JDBC. [Open source]
  • JGrinder - Initially began as a solution for Object/Relational persistence. java Supporting this object persistence involved the creation of many utility java classes and tools that object persistence could be used to java accelerate any application development effort. [Open object persistence source, LGPL]
  • A Simple Data Access Layer using Hibernate - Hibernate is a popular open source Object-Relational mapping object persistence tool. databases and persistence This article by Mario Aquino provides a object persistence quick introduction databases and persistence to get started with Hibernate.
  • Objective database abstraction layer (ODAL) - A database persistence framework including query API, ORM, java data validation/conversion, object persistence stored procedure support, code generation. Download java and documentation are offered. object persistence [Open source, LGPL]
  • DB Visual Architect - An Object-Relational mapping tool. Generate persistent enable Java object persistence source databases and persistence from Class Diagram or ERD. A diagram object persistence editor is databases and persistence provided. It can generate code for object persistence client applications and databases and persistence server side applications. [Commercial]
  • JDBM - A simple transactional persistence engine for Java. It can used object persistence to store a mix of objects and BLOBs, and all object persistence updates are done in a transactionally safe manner. JDBM also object persistence provides scalable data structures, such as HTree and B+Tree, to object persistence support persistence o
  • iBatis - XML-based Object/Relational mapping and persistence framework as well java as a data access abstraction layer. [Open source]
  • Object-Relational Mapping - Information and facts about object-relational mapping products, architecture java problem-solving, and object persistence direction in product comparison and selection.
  • jStorm - Simple tool for object-relational mapping, based on DbObjects, object persistence with databases and persistence mechanisms for aggregation and concurrency stamps. [Open object persistence Source, GPL]
  • JDO vs. EJB by Gopalan Suresh Raj - Compares and contrasts the Two Persistence Frameworks provided Java. Java Data Objects(JDO) which provides Language Transparent Orthogonal Persistence with Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB) that provides Functional Persistence.
  • EclipseLink - ORM project from Eclipse (Oracle, Sun). Provides java ORM, JPA, OXM, JAXB, SDO, WebServices, EIS. java JPA 2.0 reference implementation, JPA provider of Oracle java WebLogic, Sun Glassfish. [Open source, EPL]
  • Object Matter - Provides an Object/Relational mapping tool with a persistence java layer. Also features an introduction to Object/Relational mapping. java [Commercial]
  • JavaRanch - Object Relational Mapping - JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon forum for object relational java mapping.
  • jRelationalFramework - A lightweight framework that was written to automate databases and persistence the most tedious 80% of relational database access databases and persistence coding and leave the other 20% to the databases and persistence developer. [Open Source, MPL]
  • Torque - An XML-based persistence layer. Part of the Apache java Jakarta family. databases and persistence [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • TopLink - Object-relational bridge by Oracle. Quick tour, tutorials, and object persistence howtos. object persistence [Commercial]
  • ONJava.com: Object-Relational Mapping with Apache Jakarta OJB - Charles Chan demonstrates OJB, an open source Java object persistence object persistence framework.
  • Jaxor - Simple and lightweight Object/Relational mapping and persistence framework. java Configuration is object persistence stored in XML files and code java generation relies on Apache object persistence velocity templates. [Open Source, java Apache]
  • COBRA - An object persistence layer written in Java which object persistence uses java a relational database to provide persistent storage, object persistence whilst shielding java programmers from the details of relational object persistence database access. [Open java Source, GPL]
  • Java Persistence - Wikibook on JPA, and Java persistence from Wikimedia Wikibooks.
  • Abra - A Java library and a set of tools databases and persistence object persistence that can be used for storing and retrieving databases and persistence object persistence Java objects in a relational database. [Open source, databases and persistence object persistence BSD license]
  • FormPers - A persistence framework with forms automation. It support java on-the-fly SQL object persistence table creation/structure modification base on definition java in Java class, automated object persistence form creation and automated java form result parsing. [Freeware]
  • Osage - Object-Relational mapping for JDBC databases, with XML features. java [Open Source, LGPL]
  • ONJava.com: Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity - Typical means of establishing uniqueness and identity in object persistence databases, databases and persistence and thus Hibernate, don\\'t necessarily suit Java\\'s object persistence identity-oriented equals() databases and persistence and hashCode() methods. James Brundege has object persistence another idea for databases and persistence how to solve this problem.
  • DODS (Data Object Design Studio) - An Object-Relational Mapping Framework with a GUI Editor java that lets databases and persistence you automatically create Java objects that java map to relational databases. databases and persistence [Open Source, Mozilla-like]
  • Hibernate ORM framework - Hibernate an open source Java persistence framework project. Perform powerful object relational mapping and query databases using HQL and SQL. [Open source, LGPL]
  • JORM (Java Object Repository Mapping) - The ObjectWeb open source adaptable persistence service. It is used to offer CMP 2.0 for the JOnAS server, as well as Speedo, a JDO implementation. [Open source, LGPL]

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