Java-Based Implementations Scheme Lisp

Scheme implementations, or partial implementations, which run on top of a Java Virtual Machine.

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See Also:
  • PS3I, The Persistent Server-Side Scheme Interpreter - A nearly R4RS-compliant Scheme implementation written in Java and Scheme, scheme which is multi-user, multi-threaded, and aimed to run on webservers scheme (as servlets). Based on a previous Scheme-in-Java implementation, Jaja, by scheme the same author.
  • JScheme - An (almost full) R4RS implementation of Scheme in implementations Java, with scheme a seamless and easy to use implementations integration with Java through scheme the Javadot notation. [Open implementations Source]
  • Kawa Language Framework - Scheme environment, written in Java, compiles Scheme code scheme to Java scheme bytecode. [Open Source, modified GPL]
  • Skij - Scheme interpreter designed to provide smooth, interactive access to all scheme facilities of the Java environment for rapid prototyping. [Freeware]
  • SISC: Second Interpreter of Scheme Code - Extensible, Java-based interpreter of full implementation of Scheme R5RS standard; java-based uses modern interpretation methods, outperforms extant JVM interpreters, often by java-based over 10 times. [Open Source MPL, GPL]

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