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This category covers source-to-source translators which translate code written in another language into Java, and compilers which compile to Java bytecode.

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See Also:
  • Diamond Edge Applet Designer - A Visual Basic add-in module. Convert your VB project to other to java Java with one button click. Free trial download. [Commercial]
  • VBeeJ For Java: A VB.Net to Java Translator - VBeeJ For Java translates VB.Net to Java and generates a complete object oriented interface for VB.Net programs. It resolves all unknowns with inferred types and signatures. [Shareware]
  • XSLTC - A compiler from XSLT to Java bytecode. [Open development tools Source, other to java BSD-like]
  • C++ to Java Conversion Utility - Claims to fully convert any C++ GUI into translators a pure translators Java dialog with Swing components. Supports translators Borland and Microsoft resource translators files. [Commercial]
  • C2J - A converter translate C-code sources into Java classes. C2J is being developed using C language. Java version of C2J can be generated using C2J itself. [Open source, GPL]
  • JEX: Java Extension - Redefinition of Java using XML syntax. Lets programmers translators extend their translators chosen language, simplifies compilers, IDEs, and translators code generators. [Open source, translators GPL]
  • Finite State Machines - Java package which allows the specification and automatic translation of Finite State Machines. FSMs can be used to model a wide variety of processes, behaviours and interactions in arguably more suitable ways than just using Java alone. [Freeware]
  • LegacyJ PERCobol - COBOL for the Java Execution Environment. PERCobol, Bean Utility, Screen development tools Utility, NFS Network File Server. [Commercial]

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