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Proceedings of the First National Symposium of the Center for new crops and plant products of the Purdue University which focuses on research, development, and economics.

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  • Sustainable Agriculture Cover Crop Database - A database of plants that can be used agriculture as cover field crops crops, especially in North America. Includes agriculture details of each species.
  • Rothamsted Research - Conducts basic, strategic and applied research in biological and related sciences, integrating these to optimise crop production systems.
  • The Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops - Nonprofit organization that encourages and promotes the production, science processing, development, field crops and commercialization of industrial crops and science products derived from them.
  • National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) - Focused on preserving the genetic diversity of plants by acquiring, science preserving, evaluating, documenting and distributing crop germplasms to research scientists. science Includes general information on NPGS and Germplasm Resources Information Network. science Contents inc
  • PlantFacts - Ohio State University - Searches over 20,000 pages of horticulture and crop science information agriculture from over 40 academic and government institutions departments in the agriculture U.S. by keyword and region..
  • Center for New Crops and Plant Products - Extensive collection of information from Purdue University on science crop diversification.
  • Alternative Field Crops Manual - Detailed information on the production of a number of agronomic field crops crops adapted to the upper Midwestern U.S., from adzuki bean field crops to wild rice.
  • Badgersett Research Corporation - Research and development of hazelnuts and chestnuts for use as agriculture staple crops, sale of seedlings and nuts. Minnesota.
  • Famine Foods - A list and description of plants that are science not normally agriculture considered as crops but are consumed science in times of famine.
  • Lost Crops of the Incas - An online book, presenting little-known plants of the Andes with agriculture promise for worldwide cultivation.
  • Advances in New Crops - Proceedings of the First National Symposium of the agriculture Center for science new crops and plant products of agriculture the Purdue University which science focuses on research, development, agriculture and economics.
  • Catholic Educator's Resource Center: Population - Food is more abundant and cheaper today than field crops ever agriculture before in history due to a dramatic field crops improvement in agriculture agricultural productivity that swept the globe field crops in the 1960s.
  • Neglected Crops: 1492 From A Different Perspective - Plants of American origin that have been neglected science or mostly forgotten since the arrival of Europeans.
  • Monsanto India - Provides news and information about agriculture and genetically enhanced seeds science in a number of languages.
  • Australian New Crops Project - Information about "new" crop developments, from the University of Queensland.
  • Psyllium - The seeds of certain species of Plantago are used commercially for the production of mucilage. Information on the uses of the plant, its growth habits, environment requirement, culture, yield potential and economics.
  • CropReference - Sources of information from Purdue University on promising new crops science for food, timber, shade, soil improvement.
  • Agronomy Program - Plans and conducts applied research and extension programs science on forages field crops and sugar cane for the mineral science (sandy) and adjacent (organic) field crops soils of Florida\\'s cattle science and sugar cane production areas at field crops the Southwest science Florida Research and Education Center of the Uni

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