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Resource guide aimed at the university educator who wants to incorporate research ethics education into chemistry course(s). From the Duke University Chemistry Library.

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See Also:
  • Academe: Dishonesty in the Academy - Detailed discussion and list of dishonest academic behavior, research ethics proposed research ethics solutions.
  • Teaching Chemical Research Ethics - Resource guide aimed at the university educator who science in society science wants to incorporate research ethics education into chemistry science in society science course(s). From the Duke University Chemistry Library.
  • The Research Ethics Blog - A blog, written by Dr. Nancy Walton, featuring science in society science news and commentary on current issues in ethical science in society science issues related to human-subjects research.
  • Teaching Research Ethics - Intensive workshop in teaching research ethics for scientists research ethics who science in society train graduate students. Sponsored by the research ethics Poynter Center science in society at the University of Indiana.
  • Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science Education - Established for science students who wish to investigate and respond science in society to ethical concerns through a combination of reflection and more science in society active research and problem solving.
  • Academe: Scientific Misconduct - Professor shares insights about conduct and misconduct in science in society science science.
  • IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology Ethics Committee - Includes the IEEE codes of conduct, resources, and science in society committee information.
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's ELSI Project - Resources for middle and high school students on ethical, legal, research ethics and social issues in the sciences.
  • Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) - Organization of journal editors concerned about dealing with science in society possible breaches in research and publication ethics. Includes science in society guidelines on good practice, articles about specific topics, science in society and statistics and case studies on fraud and science in society misconduct.
  • Murdough Center For Engineering Professionalism - Encourages and promotes professional engineering ethics through symposia, workshops, and seminars.
  • Integrity in Science - Project information and resources from the Center for science in society science in society Science in the Public Interest. Features a database science in society science in society of scientists' and non-profits' ties to industry.
  • Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University - Addresses the social and ethical impacts of information science in society and communication technologies through research and education.
  • Scientists for Global Responsibility - Promotes responsible use of science and technology in science society, and science explores the ethical dimensions of scientific science research, global energy and science resource issues, and alternative science technologies.
  • Scientific Misconduct Blog - Aubrey Blumsohn on misconduct in medical and scientific science research, and research ethics related topics.
  • NSPE Ethics Resources - Includes codes of conduct, reference resources, case studies, science in society science in society and related articles from the National Society of science in society science in society Professional Engineers.
  • Physics Plagiarism Alert - An allegation, with published papers offered for comparison.
  • Bioterrorism, Informed Consent and Scientific Method - Article with citations.
  • The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science - Provides "engineers, scientists and science and engineering students with resources research ethics useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise research ethics in their work life."
  • ETHEX - The Exploratorium\\'s Ethical Scenarios Forum (ETHEX), created to promote online research ethics discussion of ethical, legal, and social implications of genetic research.

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