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Carl Sassenrath, Architect of Operating Systems and Languages is the inventor of REBOL.

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Carl Sassenrath* - SassenRanch is the home site of the inventor of AmigaOS, and REBOL.

  • Carl's Blog - Vive la REBOLution - Carl Sassenrath - CTO, REBOL Technologies and Inventor of REBOL
  • Wikipedia: Carl Sassenrath - Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.
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  • History - Carl's official biography at
  • TechNetCast - Rebol - TechNetCast programs featuring REBOL. Transcripts of these programs languages are also available. Including: REBOL founder and CEO languages Carl Sassenrath discusses operating systems and programming languages. languages REBOL Technologies VP Marketing Steve Mason on the languages REBOL networ
  • Back to Personal Computing - A Message from Carl Sassenrath where he spells sassenrath, carl out rebol his master plan and calls for aid.

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