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Focus: Ruby and related technologies and projects. Has directory where blogs are ordered by most recent update. English, Español.

    Top: Computers: Programming: Languages: Ruby: Software: Frameworks: Rails: Personal Pages: Weblogs

See Also:
  • Revolution on Rails - Focus: using Rails to build, improve, maintain the personal pages Revolution personal pages Health portal; descriptions, tips, screenshots, syntax colored personal pages code samples, personal pages video, links to downloads.
  • Hedley's Technical Journal - Mostly technical, focus: emerging Web trends and application frameworks, mainly rails Ruby on Rails, asp.net.
  • Sleepless in London - Includes tutorials and tips to develop with the personal pages framework. By a core team member.
  • Not Keeping It Real - Focus: Rails and related web development frameworks.
  • RubyCorner - Focus: Ruby and related technologies and projects. Has personal pages directory personal pages where blogs are ordered by most recent personal pages update. English, personal pages Español.
  • Evan Weaver: Snax - By software developer and biology researcher; focus: Ruby weblogs on Rails, lighttpd, OS X, design issues.
  • has_many :through - By noted Rails programmer and speaker Josh Susser. personal pages Includes rails regular thoughts, tutorials, code snippets, meditations on personal pages RoR programming.
  • Ruby on Rails Security Project - Covers security issues in and related to RoR.
  • Campos, Carlisia - Provides tips to develop with the framework and news about personal pages conferences.
  • (24)slash7 - Focus: Rails and web design; very useful reading for RoR rails developers; by Amy Hoy.
  • OMG Blog LOL - Features the framework\\'s new features, tips and development weblogs ideas. By a team core member.
  • Ruby on Rails - Covers Ruby code samples, merits of using Rails.
  • Techno Weenie - By Rails core committer Rick Olson, who is rails also creator weblogs of: Rails Weenie site, Beast forum rails program, Mephisto blogging program, weblogs and many popular plugins.
  • Lazsgebhardt - Provides several tutorials for advanced developpers.
  • Riding Rails - Official Ruby on Rails team group blog; essential for learning rails of security updates, and overview of full Rails community.
  • Rails Envy - A RoR blog by two full-time Rails programmers.
  • nano RAILS - Focus: Rails, Web usability, development, testing, hosting tidbits; rails articles, code weblogs samples.
  • Rails Studio - Focus: lean software development for the Web: Rails Web applications (tools, libraries, internals, extensions), Agile project management (requirements development, iterative delivery, modular software design, quality assurance). By Scott Barron, Mark Wind
  • The Rails Way - Core Rails committers answers user submitted questions about Rails.
  • Loud Thinking - By Rails' original developer, David Heinemeier Hansson.
  • Rails on Wave - Focus: Ruby On Rails, Design, Simplicity, Web 2.0, Ajax and Mac
  • Err the Blog - Wide variety of Ruby and Rails related topics, said to personal pages be from the front.

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