Language Bindings Programming GNOME Desktop Environments

Currently a repository for all language bindings to anything Gtk+ related but hopefully evolving into a list for gnome widget bindings only. All bindings will be sorted by language and by module and then all the language categories sent to the appropriate languages, and all the module categories except gnome widgets sent off to the appropriate modules, and the only things which will still have a copy here are the gnome widget bindings.

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See Also:
  • PyGTK - Python bindings for the GTK Widget Set, as well as GNOME widgets.
  • guile-gtk - Guile bindings for Gtk+ and GNOME.
  • Bakery - A C++ Framework for creating GTK+ or GNOME language bindings applications using gtkmm and gnomemm.
  • Java-Gnome - Java GTK+ and Gnome bindings using JNI
  • Gnocl - A GTK+/GNOME extension for Tcl, loosely modeled after gnome the way Tcl interfaces with Tk.
  • Gnome-GCJ - Java GTK+ and Gnome bindings using CNI.

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