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Developer-centric links for both Sherlock 2 and Sherlock 3 and like technologies such as Mozilla-Search.

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See Also:
  • Sherlock 3 Channel Development - General information, guidelines, tips, and a development kit developer resources (SDK) sherlock for creating Sherlock 3 channels.
  • Sherlock-Talk Mailing List - A list for discussion of Apple\\'s Sherlock technology, especially all developer resources aspects of writing Sherlock Plug-ins.
  • TCPMonitor - A handy utility to observe REST, SOAP and XML-RPC traffic developer resources initiated by a channel. Part of the Axis Apache SOAP developer resources environment.
  • Working with Web Services - Apple Developer Connection\\'s pages contain examples of working developer resources with sherlock SOAP and other web services.
  • Sherlock 2 - Information on developing Sherlock 2 search plug-ins.
  • XMacL: XML for Mac users - XML news and resource links for Macintosh users.
  • XML-RPC - A Remote Procedure Calling protocol that works over sherlock the Internet. Specifications, API info, implementations, services, tutorials, sherlock service validator.
  • The sherlock-channel-development Mailing List - A developer-oriented discussion list.

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