Open Source Network Operating Systems Software

A distributed operating system based on the concepts of object replication, component model support and persistence. It consists of a L4 microkernel and a set of distributed objects acting at the user level. [Open source]

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  • AtomsNet - Modular object-oriented application to index files across networks. operating systems Has open source plug-in type data retrieval system, webserver, peer-to-peer operating systems connections for open source network-wide information gathering, retrieval; has features operating systems of OSs, database open source management systems, distribute
  • ILIOS - InterLink Internet Operating System, single tasking, uses interrupts for processing, for routers only and maximum throughput on i386+ systems; but in tests it barely beat NetBSD on same hardware, so author stopped work. Has fast IPv4 stack, based on XeOS
  • Quarks - Simple, yet efficient distributed shared memory (DSM) system; a user-level network library plus header files supports DSM on groups of Unix network workstations. Runs on 4.3BSD/M68k, HP-UX/PA-RISC, IRIX 5.2/MIPS, SunOS 4.1/SPARC. [Open network Source, public domain]
  • E1 - A distributed operating system based on the concepts network of object network replication, component model support and persistence. network It consists of a network L4 microkernel and a network set of distributed objects acting at network the user network level. [Open source]
  • Mungi - Orthogonally persistent, capability-based secure SASOS using L4 2nd generation microkernel. open source Goals: Prove SASOSs can run on normal hardware, be as open source secure as normal OSs; can be as efficient as, and open source are faster than, normal OSs in some important uses; can open source be
  • x-kernel - Object-based framework to implement network protocols; defines an network interface that protocols use to invoke operations on network one another (i.e., to send messages to and network receive messages from adjacent protocols) and a set network of libraries to manipulate messages, part

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